Lyrics to Noonday Devil
Noonday Devil Video:
I swear this room is empty
But I can hear the voice
And eyes are crawling on me just like flies
Calling into question
Every thought and choice
Telling me that all I know is lies
Dejected and disgusted,
I'm inclined to give it up
What's the use? Why go on? It all means nothing
I'm starting to think I've been deceived
And there's no reason to believe
And all has failed, there's no relief
The tempting whispered thoughts of the Noonday Devil
Am I beyond redemption?
Sick beyond repair?
Is all this just a futile exercise?
If everything's a failure
Then it's more than I can bear
To stumble on in search of some false prize
Tear me down, use me up
Break my will, and watch me fall
Wear me out, let me go – the flesh…the flesh is weak
No! I refuse
No! I can do this
No! I will fortify my will
Into an iron tower
I'll put those thoughts out of my head
I won't be given up for dead
I'll focus on the road ahead
Get behind me now
Faith deserts us all sometimes
And demons infiltrate our minds
But I'm not gonna lose this time
I'm gonna break the back of the noonday devil
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