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Eve Of Desecration

Lyrics to Noctem Eternus
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Oh beautiful everlasting night, when stars align with moonlit skies.
The mystical eclipse of the sun has set, the mystery I must follow.
Come oh dark lord of eternal night, to the altar we have prepared, raise the baphomet!!!
And cloak me in his name and in darkness, sacrifice of blood and flesh.
Come forth legions of the dead, the first pentacle of the moon.
As the comet falls from the sky, raise from the deep salted sea.
The stars of the night will throb and glitter, the signs of his coming!!!
Reciting a passage from the book, we make an offer of blood ton the souls of the dead.
For the dead are not to be without blood!!!
With processions of supernatural light they will lure the multitudes who sit in judgement of lust!!!
[Solo: Blackthorn]
[Solo: Velac]
During the alignment, in winter solstice.
At the altar of Stonehenge, we call upon the Seven Lords of the dead.
Take us on a journey, to the other side of reality.
Through opalescent skies, to the dark place of my desires.
The Lords come forth out of the gorge, and take us in flight.
On leather wings, and soar high above the summit.
Cast thy shadows down over the earth.
Be in presence to answer our call, Noctem Eternus!!!
We are the druids, and the descendants of Azazel!!!
Who bow to the fallen angels, according to the book of Enoch!!!
For the sons of Adam do not know the state of things that are to come.
In the secret knowledge, there is no God but thee!!!
Down below into the darkly splendid world, a faithless depth.
That Hades has wrapped in clouds, a black rolling abyss.
Unluminous, formless and void.
As the gate opens, we close our eyes, and fall into the Noctem Eternus.
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