Lyrics to Nobody Wins
Nobody Wins Video:
[Intro - Jodeci:]
(No, no, no, no, no, no)
Nobody wins
(No, no, no, no, no, no)
(No, no, no, no, no, no)

[Verse 1 - B.o.B:]
We don't see the same, and we don't speak the same
But if we don't get shit right this go 'round, then we ain't gon' beat the game
You can see the pain, we entertain when disagreements turn into blame
The heated words turn into flames under your skin, it just aggravates
Every nerve you got, and every working vein, gotta take a cool breath and respirate
We gon' get it right, no matter how many steps it takes
'Cause the devil gon' lie, and Heaven don't hesitate
And Lord knows we need Heaven, 'cause we're going through Hell each and every day
These emotions bottled up inside are hot enough to fry thermometers and lighters on my mind
A lot of us will find the answers obvious, but probably all the time
You gotta know the signs and loosen up how tight you hold your pride
Put emotions to the side and get a grip before you lose your mind

[Hook - Jodeci (x2):]
Nobody wins
When we fight, fuss and argue
Nobody wins
We say we leaving but we never do
Nobody wins
When we fuss, fight and argue
Nobody wins
We say we leaving but we never do
Nobody wins

[Verse 2 - Jodeci:]
Stop throwing those pots and pans
(Nobody wins)
We don't have to use our hands
(No we don't)
Baby can you understand
(Baby can you understand)
I'm just being a man


[Verse 3 - B.o.B:]
Gossipin', gossipin' and gossipin'
Everybody don't got your back, even if you got a lot of friends
Everybody sins, everybody sins if somebody loses, nobody wins
Sometimes you just need space, sometimes you need oxygen
Negative ain't so bad when it's negative space
If you do anything with nothing, then nothing can get in your way
I always remember when karma comes 'round, 'cause she got a similar face
You gotta know when to hold what you got and know when to give it away


[Verse 4 - Jodeci:]
Let's talk about this
(Let's just talk about this)
I'm glad that you missed
(Nobody wins)
You almost tore up my face
We can't afford to buy another place


[Outro - Jodeci:]
I don't care what you do
Nobody wins
Might as well stay home
Stay home, stay home, yeah
Nobody wins, no, no
Nobody wins, no
Nobody wins
Don't fool yourself
Tryna fool somebody else
Nobody, nobody
Nobody wins
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