Lyrics to Nobody Listens
Nobody Listens Video:
Well the senate's in order, they're callin' the roll
They want everybody there in body and soul
There'll be some agreements, a few contradictions
But it really don't matter 'cause nobody listens

Well things happen all over like in Harlem and Jersey
Well the grown men screamin' like kids in a nursery
The words are all different, it's pure repetition
But it really don't matter 'cause nobody listens

Well this world that we live in is pretty bad off
Your mouth opens to speak, you come out with a cough
We got us some laws and lots of restrictions
But even with night sticks nobody listens

Now I have this friend, he speaks all the truth
But he's almost in jail 'cause his name's Lenny Bruce
He gets up on stage and he speaks of conditions
And what do you know now everybody listens

Well I've finished my song and I'll be on my way
Just a doin' my work and collectin' my pay
Traffic will move and the TVs will glisten
People just watch, they don't ever listen
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