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* "Special Marley Marl Remixes" may differ from the original version Yes, y'all-and, to the like beat-and You could either dance or just have a seat and Listen to the way-in, what I am displayin A different kind of rapper language that I am sayin To all the party people, ? the info When it come to rockin parties I-am-a-nympho-maniac brainiac for doin my dance And my record Make the Music, will put you in a trance-and hypnotize your body-and, like you do Bacardi-and you won't be fightin or illin, you just be partyin down, with the funky sound with yours truly I'm the original B-I-Z-M-A-R-K-I-be-the-E and I came to have fun and, not be number one-and just hear to let you know, who's like runnin the place and everywhere that I perform and do a show *beatboxing sound* as long as you know, that *beatbox drumbeat* Nobody beats the Biz! Nobody beats the Bizzzz (repeat 4X) You know me as the B-I-Z-M-A-R-K-I-E-and I go for what I know doin a show for human beings I'm guaranteed to rock I make the ladies scream and shout I'm bound to wreck your body and say turn the party out The Mardi rapper toe-tapper always have it flowin And when you hear the BizMarkie, I get the job done Yes I'm the M-A-R the K-I-E you know that's me I got the stutter step to keep in check my speed is so unique They say I look and sound funny but I don't be carin I rock the Latin Quarter, Rooftop, Union Square and Roseland, the Hassan?, Madison Square Garden Even rock for the ?work fare at Jaffer Center? Pardon the way, that I be talkin bout the places I be rockin I love to perform, for the people that be clockin Not sayin that you're on mine, you're on it like a hornet But you pay for the performance, doggone it, you want it That's why I'm here, to be like lettin you knowin That I'ma highly recognized as the king of disco-and makin people as they have a lot of enjoyment I'm the best person for this type of employment, that's why... Nobody beats the Biz! Nobody beats the Bizzzz (repeat 3X) On and on, to the break of dawn When you buy food cheap, you need a coupon or catch a sale retail, before it gets stale So hurry up and get the WIC? check out the mail and shop non-stop, but how I hip-hop on the mic and like Make you co-op-er-ate with the rhythm, that is what I give em Reagan is the Pres but I voted for Shirley Chilsholm It might sound confusing, the style that I'm using But in the end I'm sure that you will find it quite amusing and funny, oh honey, it's just ridiculous Don't try to front, come on and admit you was thrilled, chilled, your heart was all filled So respect the architect, as I begin to build Science and my reliance is upon my rap Like Carl Lewis I get to it, so let's go the lap... Nobody beats the Biz Nobody beats the Bizzzz (repeat 3X) [TJ Swan] Nobody beats the Biz, nobody beats the Biz (repeat 2X) My name is TJ Swan, nobody beats the Biz I rock you on and on, nobody beats the Biz You know nobody that beats the Biz I know nobody that beats the Biz Nobody beats the Biz, nobody beats the Biz (repeat 2X) *BizMarkie does some beatboxing* *TJ Swan verse resung in this version several times* *BizMarkie beatboxes again to the end but gets cut short*

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