Lyrics to No Wind
No Wind Video:
Thunder, rain came, lighting then
And it scared the horses and it woke the hens
Will it ease, Lord? Please, Lord, tell me when!
I'm on my knees, Lord!

The ice came down, it was a work of art
Struck an arctic fear in my walrus heart
And here I heave, Lord, grieve - will it soon depart?
Make it leave, Lord!

My voice was lost in a tornado's spin
Sounded like the scratching of a violin
And see I moan, Lord, groan, Lord, ?What's my sin?
I atone, Lord!?

The wind blew 'round me and the sky grew tan
And I felt a feeling like my life began
And here I say, Lord, ?Hey, Lord, what's your plan?
What's your way, Lord??

The sky was silent and the moon did glow
No clouds flew by, no wind did blow
I see your hand, Lord, and, Lord, I think I know!
I understand, Lord!
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