Lyrics to No Will
No Will Video:
working 9 to 5 every day just to stay alive, to survive,
but i still strive for the things i want,
but money can't buy me happiness,
and without it life is meaningless.
you go till nothings left, your lifes a mess, you hate the best,
you need some time, some time to lay down and rest,
you look for support but nobody's ever there,
nothing matters anymore life just isn't fair,
there's no meaning, no purpose, no god, it's all worthless,
same shit different day, i'm miserable in everyway,
i wanna pack up and leave and follow my dream,
but if i come back relations are torn at the seem,
it seems i'd be happy with the things i got,
but i'm not cause i'm living life just like a robot,
the same boring routine, the same faces i've seen,
i'm not proud of anything that i've ever been.

times are tough
life is rough
i am never enough
times are tough
life is rough
there's no will to go on
there's just the will to live

good times have been shadowed by the bad,
no more smiles from the fun times we've had,
my life's so simplistic, i'm going ballistic,
you're so materialistic, it makes me sick,
i'm sick of this life, sick of this grind,
i've made up my mind to leave it all behind,
i ask myself why, as i begin to cry,
and try to hold back the tears, getting tired of running from my fears,
i try to get up, but i always fall down,
my life was so perfect 3 years before now,
but now the bad times came, and i'll never be the same,
and everybody knows i'll never win this game,
i really really need just to be alone now,
to check my life and get happy now,
to live somehow, and get happy now,
and get happy now, and get happy now
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