Lyrics to No Way Out
No Way Out Video:
Don't go crazy
Have you seen where you live now
Nothing left to recognize and nothing is familiar
It's a simple question you have to ask
Are you wicked and steady enough
One step behind you...
One step behind you...

There's a new mistake, which you never made before
A little slip up, which grows larger to
Another cause to flee right now

You can't explain why all these things are going wrong
You can't explain! You can't believe what you have done!

Cause now I'm running to reinvent myself
Yes I'm running! Now I need what I gave
And now I'm running til I find you again.

Again im running! Can't get out of here
But I'm running! It's the end that I fear
Yes I'm running!
I can't see where you are if you're near or far

I feel like a monkey in a giant gilded Cage
There is nothing new in here
An nothing is my property
Yes I stick in here
Can't remember where I came from
If finally could
Yeah I really would come home

My Destination! That's what I'm searching for!
My Reputation! That's what I'm fighting for!
But now I ask myself: How can I win
if there's not an second king?
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