Lyrics to No Tricks
No Tricks Video:
If tricks are for kids, then let it be known I don't play
Other rappers, they went slip-slide and away
Out of control, I be the toll you gotta go through
Me, to get to Rick Cee and I'm deadly
I'm so unstoppable it's unbelievable
Pull out a record and we'll achieve a new
Height, push and fight till we reach our destiny
Brace yourself for this because the rest will be
Potent, it's like a drug, you gotta shoot it
Violators who diss Latee are prosecuted
Cause I take the minority, give them authority
He's bein chased, see, and Rick Cee's part will be
To cut it, mush it, shove it and push it
The L-a-t-e-e, my part'll be to say it
And you'll obey it, Rick play it
It's a symbol of togetherness
And that's the way it is
And it's positive and never negative
Frontin, you want somethin? Boy, I'ma never give
Mine, cause nothin from nothin leaves nothin
Might as well do somethin cause the beat is still pumpin
Just listen to it, get into it, knew it
'll have you shakin, sit impatiently waitin to hear a new hit

Yo, you wanna press to impress till you press your luck
I'm overloaded with stress and I don't give a f...
About you, doubt you have the clout to step to
So take a good look at who you're standin next to
I'm a pro, so now you know that I'm a veteran
I'll let the crowd decide who sound better than
Who, maybe it's me, or is it you?
From what I heard bet you me and Rick Cee come through
It ain't workin, your style's got mould and milldew
No need to worry 'bout us because we'll do
Just what you can't do, take and plant you
Knee deep way down in the dirt, and it'll hurt, too
Many of us, maybe you should just bust
The style of a man gone wild cause yo, thus
Far I been goin by simply showin
You the right way to get paid is by knowin
How to rap, how to act, in fact
Yo, you heard me do it, breeze through and feel the impact
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