No Taxation Without Nation Lyrics

J*A*N feat. U.D.S.S.R.

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Lyrics to No Taxation Without Nation
No Taxation Without Nation Video:
i see their pictures in the news: slimy jerks in business-suit, they smile and wave their hands, whome should those fuckers represent? it's shure not me, well is it you? do you agree with what they do? when we don't even get informed bout their activities at all cause truth would bring their power to fall, we only need those politicians to keep alive a system enslaving us all, no one is fucking free when others are oppressed, why don't we organize our lives in our comunities instead of being stuck with pointless office-work and wedge-slave- factories, a constant war declared to peace, an education-system teaching us to take commands will never show us how to take a stand, we only need those banks and borders to keep intact a system that needs us to work and as i'm also part of it i'll try to cut my strings, destruction of the walls inside my head's where change begins, forward to a world designed by our desires and needs... where everyone lives selfdetermed, there are no more flags to be burned cause by then we've learned we don't need authority

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