Lyrics to No Sign Of Rain
No Sign Of Rain Video:
Autumn's come
And the leaves are looking brown and dry
Sun swings low
A fruit resists the thirsty ground
I try to coax a cloud or two
Searching the skies
Knowing there ain't nothing left to do

Summer's turned to gold
My garden's tired and old
The dust swirls round my bowl
And still, no sign of rain

I've tended to my patch of land
Year by year
I've scratched to keep my humble clan

Now and then
Some thunderheads come out of the blue
Trouble is
They've always been too far and few

Summer's turned to fall
The air is thick and cold
I feel it in my bones
But still, no sign of rain

Silence shades my lonely claim
Though all is gold
There is no rain
Still, I hear my singing bones

And I believe
Rain will fall
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