Lyrics to No Sellout
No Sellout Video:
Yeah yeah Yeah yeah nigga Uh uh, yeah yeah Eightball nigga, Koncrete nigga Yeah yeah, uh Yeah yeah [Koncrete] Spark the weed up turn the beat up let's get it popping It's on we dropping that homegrown ghetto to ghetto topic Flip shit rip shit quick bit sick with this shit here Explicit content misfits fear now let's get this shit clear This instant right here Set it I bet it they won't forget it I wrote I edit Call the paramedic Said I meant it still in it to win it From start to finish no gimmick Got to give spinach ya timid I'm rugged so fuck it I love it Dogs we stay above it corrupted From dawn to dusk so we can thug it (Naw) To all my broken kinfolkin stressing keep on smoking Nick and Slick, Tone and Mint gotta hit the grind again Living dirty gots to get with it time to go and get it 8ways we represent it all my noggins is demented Better watch them cars that's tinted you don't want to be up in it Swish this tre like Hardaway send they soldiers far away But I'm living on the corner got this hardened marijuana Know it's wrong but fuck that leave me where the bucks at Last year was hard this one looking even worser now Chilled from the start but my anger got me colder now Whatcha really gon' do round here We stuck like Chuck and we can't get out On the block and I'ma sell them rocks Rock come through and we got to open up shop (Yeah Koncrete Eightball like this right here) Yeah yeah that's how we do it nigga [Chorus: 4x] When I open up my mouth you can hear the south Packing guns stacking funds fuck selling out [Eightball] I got my nigga's with me You got a problem with something I say then come get me I'm in a southern city sipping on some cold Remy At the club looking at girls with big ass and titties The instrumental that you hearing came from Frank Nitti We do it big keep it gangsta got to stay gritty We on the rise real fast like gas prices The industry is bland so we came to add spices Heat it up beat it up thugs treat it up Transform it into something that's complete with us You didn't know I run with killers on a regular Conceal weapons rhyme skill is spectacular Little Nicky got my back baby bear witness Get past him and you gonna have to deal with Tony Dimples Deon and Mint Green make it seem so simple 8ways representing making other crews cripple You know I, you know I.. I.. [Chorus: 4x] [Koncrete] We rugged like cave-dwellers them haters be way jealous They speaking that haterism you need to behave fellas We banging fo' sho now you'd think we be slow now Them 'Bama boys ripping hard we make you say oh now I never come synthetic the lyrical diabetic You should be apologetic for spittin shit so pathetic So roll up the marijuana we hotter than Arizona Don't make Lil' Man put it on ya You sweating me like a sauna My nigga get real with it from here to Mobile with it We showing y'all still with it so nigga just deal with it Koncrete and the Fat Mack we sip on that cognac So let's get this platinum plaque so we can watch paper stack I be that nigga from the 'Bama 'Bama got plenty of monogrammar Call me yo pussy-rammer dumping dick in yo mamma-jamma Pose for that camera cat be sweeter than Tropicana All for the fashion but I be like yo fuck the glamour My country grammar have bitches come out of pajama But not the shady one that get you throwed off in the slammer Me and my fama out there dirty be actin nutty with ?Buddy? Keeping it smutty even the ?butty cut it what? Busters ain't wonder what they facing Niggas got them thoughts that longer than tele-communications Wait for the ?room of incubrations? Slab we be blazing spitting that southern incantations [Chorus: 4x] [Eightball] When I open up my... Damn hold up is that it?

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