Lyrics to No Repent
No Repent Video:
A storm circulates in my head.
These thoughts of anger.
Sleepless nights, demons call.
The light makes me fall.

My shadow is my only friend.
Pain comes with me.
Darkness is the only shade in my life.
Soul rapers, Mind breaker, empty me.

I cut my wrist for the thousand time,
This will do it, no failure this time.
I slide down under, holding my breath,
Waiting for saviour, no fucking regret.

I'm pulled from my sleepless nights,
Dragged in to darkness.
The storms are silent now,
My dreams has came trough.

A thought circulates in my head.
This thought of no repent.
No more sleepless nights, hear the demons whisper;
The dark makes me cum!
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