Lyrics to No Regrets
No Regrets Video:
Keepin' time
In my mind
That's why I'm
So far behind
Trust myself
No one else
Guess it pays
To be so shy

Make a friend
Lose him again
That's the way
I live my life

Straight ahead
No last request
I won't ask questions

We'll play the game
Who's to blame
But it's no one's fault
Those are just my ways

Don't act like you
Know the truth
'Cause it's locked inside me
You have no clue

Don't tell me
What to do
Make it seem
Like i owe you

Repeat it again
I still won't listen
Why can't you see
I'm doin' this for me

I'm sorry
Mom and Dad
I've done some things
That I've come to regret
Maybe if i could
Turn back 15 years
Maybe I wouldn't
Be stuck here...
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