Lyrics to No Regret
No Regret Video:
Walk, through life, without a voice.
Everyone claiming that their is pain
all this work and no hope for gain,
this is how they mold and grind you,
this is how they take control.
Hate this world for:
judgment - We ain't right
Hate this world for all of the pollution dripping on my head,
for all the people that were never fed,
for all the people lying dead,
from disease which continues to spread.
Hate myself for all the thoughts leading to confusion.
Hate myself for all the attempts to try and analyze.
Hate this world for all the forms of persuasion.
Hate this world for bringing fear straight into my eyes.
Fuck execution,
bow down.
All now rise!.
No Regret!
Don't you tell me that it's gonna stop burning.
I detest the lies.
So tell me why I'm here still screaming,
this will never change,
I'm never ever gonna stop learning,
I will just absorb all of my environmental surroundings
that aim to take me down!
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