Lyrics to No Other Way
No Other Way Video:
When the silence begins
You know what you're in
You never gonna win this cold war
You will cry from within
You know, you're free from sin
Can't stand this wall between us anymore
You've been playing with fire
You gonna burn down it all
You've been dancing on a wire
But this is the first time you've been afraid
Don't walk away
Fight as long as your heart beats
Hold on, believe in your self
You're strong you'll see
Set the pace with your own feet
Go on, there is no other way
It's not the air that we breathe
A child that has no greed
We learn the pattern of the world we see
There is love in your heart
When you see her, you look at art
Don't let this fight between you, tear you apart
And beyond the horizon
There is love in the air
You will conquer with reason
Show her you'll stay no matter all
(repeat chorus)
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