No One Here Gets Out Alive Lyrics

The Black And White City

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Lyrics to No One Here Gets Out Alive
No One Here Gets Out Alive Video:
Diseased and quarantined
They keep us far away from light
We hide in the shadows
Preparing invasion tonight
We hope for tomorrow
Saving our nation tonight
They think we're not watching
As the dark of the nation we RISE!

It's like a vacant inside this motel
We'll stay only shortly
They can't keep us up all night
We need our rest before their inspection
They're remodeling us all night
We know to save the world
We need some saving first
So carry on criminals carry on
You're infamous now for the world

Listen real closely
They're scared and their lonely
They're looking for an easy way out
No they're not going to get us
How you do you want me
You know nothing about this
Avoiding the axe and pleading for your second chance
Leaning on a lesson, inflicting all the nerves that you have

Digging like the dirty rats
You're feeding on the frenzy
We'll revolt in time

Now no one here gets out of this alive

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