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Lyrics to No One Cares
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The night air's cool but your system's not,
you stand for what you care for, not for what you've got.
The streets are mean, keep your conscience clean,
you've gotta wrap up from the cold.

An' no-one cares with the stairy eyes,
an' no-one cares in the neon rays.
An' no-one cares if you're laughing or crying,
an' no-one cares if you're lving or dying.

Paranoia hits me like a bolt from hell,
you don't don't know what they're thinking, ain't no way to tell.
Throat gets tight, knuckles go white,
this is one ride you don't get off.

No-one cares, no-one cares,
he who wins is he who dares.

You cling to your posessions, make sure you make your claim,
'cus in this dirty jungle, stayin' alive is the aim.
Gotta be bold, don't trust a soul,
don't you know that walls have ears ?
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