No Murderer I Kiss Lyrics

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Lyrics to No Murderer I Kiss
No Murderer I Kiss Video:
Talking of evil
Screen's running high
Pointing our fingers

So tired of watching
The sick in disguise
Behaving like winner

No one will give in
No one is right
It's killing us slowly

Watching the warlords
Preaching the fight
Abusing the holy

Watching fanatics
Polluting our mind
The ongoing battle

We gave ‘em our tanks
Pretending we're friends
Not able to settle

Having to fight
Ain't easy to do
When death is your mission

But us doing nothing
Could lead to regret
A deadly decision

Let ‘em kill people
Let ‘em destroy
And let us forgive

If that's what you're saying
No way I would join
No murderer I kiss

Let's save the planet
By killing us all
Cause we never learn

Already burned
And history shown
The wrong way to turn

Whatever we do
We can't cure it all
It's spreading like cancer

Again and again
Wish I would know
Just got no answer

Some of us learn
Some of us won't
The ongoing misfit

Deeply disturbed
Want to be heard
By storming the cockpit
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