Lyrics to No More
No More Video:
You've been cheating me so long
Giving me the run around
Spreading evil everywhere you go
But I tell you here and now
You will pay the price somehow
You can say goodbye
To everyone you know

'Cause I won't take no more
No more, no more of your lies
No no no more
No more, no more

You mean one thing
And say another
Trying to confuse your brother
It's all too much
For me to understand
For you will need my help one day
And I just might turn you away
Think about that while you're
Holding out your hand

So you think you can run around
Breaking people's hearts
Tearing apart the ones
You should love
Well, I think you would be wiser
To heed the prophets words
One false move and
All your love is lost

Write it down to experience
It's all part of life
And who will be the loser in the end
But is that really what it's all about
Is it reason enough
To sing and shout
You lost another lover
But you've also lost a friend

No more, no more
No more of your lies
No no no more
No more, no more
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