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Lyrics to No More Good Ideas
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no more good ideas

tonight im finding for me it's getting harder and harder to sleep
i drained all my pens and filled all my pads but these words keep coming again and again
and if timing is everything well then what does that say about you and me
was it our broken watch or busted start
I guess the time that we need is time apart

let's get older let's get wiser so you can call me and I'll answer
and I'll say dear I was just thinking of you and we'll laugh like just like we used to

I know you're angry you know I miss you we know we both need something different
no need to argue life will not listen it doesn't give a damn what we're wishing for

let's be honest, lets be truthful
we're a train wreck and this is not new
I would reach out and you would pull back
we reversed it and then we jumped track

I know you loved me you know I loved you we know we didn't know what to do with that
so when you meet him just take it easy no need to worry it will be different

there are no more good ideas in me.
did I leave them with you?
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