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Prop 808

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Lyrics to No More Drama
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1-you can't be happy without someone watching you
an audience is needed to see through your point of view
it entertains you when my strings are being pulled
i'm fooled into your game of blame

2-i've tried to play your game and i've lost everytime
i fight, you fight back and we'll never break the tie
i'm giving up because you cannot compromise
goodbye but i still want to try

-i've got my bags
i've packed them up
i'm sick of this
being so screwed up

3-i gave you all i had but maybe that's too much
taken for granted we believed in both of us
we tried to change but it was never quite the same
we've grown apart will we remain?

-our future
is in the past
the question asked
-what do you want?
are you for real?
this time its don't look back, don't put on an act

C- whoa-oh whoa-oh No More Drama
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