Lyrics to No Longer
No Longer Video:
Out of control, emotions are out of touch,
the anger grows from within,
to the point I can no longer bare.
For you and yourself prolonged
hatred has pushed me to the point of disbelief,
I tried to work it out peacefully,
but I see there is no other way
to eliminate you and the problems you bring

NO...will you push
LONGER...will I stand by
NO...will I let you
LONGER...carry on this way

You you've caused your own problems
and I feel no sorrow for you,
now it's my turn
to give to you all you deserve.

So many times I walked away,
no it will meet an end, your intimidation ends.
So many chances have been giving to you,
now there's a price to pay.
I see your action as an unfair fight
innocent in your way
to get my point across to you.
I see my actions as being fit,
I'm treating you like you treat others,
I can no longer stand to deal with it.
Your intimidation ends
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