No Jury's Diction Lyrics


Rebuke - EP

Lyrics to No Jury's Diction
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Shattered teeth and broken glass,
the blood of children stain the grass,
"There's nothing quite like kicking ass!"
these violations of the trust placed in you to care
for us the result of some compulsive lust

I hope some day it fucking hits you like concrete in the face
a hailing rain of cobble stone from this welcoming parade
and that you slowly realize as blood is filling up your eyes
you couldn't have been more at fault When you fed the kids asphalt

you wield that fucking rubber stick
as an extension of your dick
your macho ideals make me sick
another time, another place,
another bruised and bleeding face
another deed you can't erase

I hope some day it fucking hits you like a ton of falling bricks
that you're just nailing yourself up to this fucking crucifix
and once you're hung there on display you know there's no getting away
three rusted nails through feet and palms then you're showered in napalm

"The court is now in session
to teach you fucking punks a lesson"
you act both judge and jury,
do we really need another Seattle,
Gothenburg or Hungary?
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