Lyrics to No Hope
No Hope Video:
this time can't see what's right
can't make you feel the same as me
so tired of getting bad breaks
tired of lifetimes in the rain
i've lost too much this time
sometimes i want to scream in pain
but truth be told i'll stand again
can't let you win when you're to blame

no i won't fight for you
waste my time or die for you
won't spill my blood or go insane
won't eat your shit or take the blame
no hope-generation
no hope for our generation [x2]

you've put the blame on us
and locked us up without a key
you've tried confusing standards
your moral threats don't bother me
you took away our trust
you've tried divide and conquer
it's sad when you can't find your dreams
and nothing is the way it seems


we're tired of fighting a battle
and tired of being affraid
tired of being mistreated
and i won't feel ashamed [x2]

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