Lyrics to No Equal
No Equal Video:
Yes it's SOS
Soon as we write the rest
Yes it's SOS
Soon as we write the rest

I tax your rings like I'm Sonic or Tails
Attacking with the Knuckles if the battling fails
Bump you like Dale
Take your shit like the reepo
Closest thing Jamie gets to ching his dog Chico
So people that's only on my space and bebo
But not in the street
Fuck your fucking ego
Your shite like fucking Seebo
Fuck these kids like peedos
Your cheesy as cheetos man they just no equal
They ain't the hard type
Nah they the fag type
So we leave their lungs pierced wheezing like bag pipes
I guess we kilt up
But still no cheques
Not checks on a kilt or the ones in chess
I want the money man check whose best
Guess who heck man it's funny the text
Kind of makes mad fun of the rest
I won't rest
Till your hands clap together like your under arrest
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