Lyrics to No Disrespect
No Disrespect Video:
Things ain't the same for gangstas
and skinny jeans ain't it changed the game up,
ocean out the closet, rusel applaud in
hip hop award check for Antoine Darsin
no this the rusel, a social environment
no dick can touch it, what's the culture inspire in
I know hip hop grows create grows,
but most shit and hip hop now is just growse
I ain't the mirror, I'm just mad at rap
I could give a shit, I'm on a platinum plat
my catalogue tells all that
the stories I spit, the homes where I trap
the homies never made it out who got clapped
the homies is never coming out 'cause if for rat
splinters and your thumb nails snitchin on your Twitter
that's a shit I don't like, that's a deal killer
but..will prevail straight out the sew
turn my.. affects up, so your ears ca view em
hopefully they young consumer ain't ruin
the molls is bullshit, and music they consuming

I don't know what this game came to
when your swag is not clean
and you looks not me, you know what?
tighten em up get us anything
I don't know what this came came to
when you reckon move slow and your fan base slow
you know what, we're gonna do your reality show

Under 20 thaw on the Twitter
I don't give a shit all tries a pinch hitter
in the clinch I run base to crack pinches
nowadays molly make the silly guilt guide free
everybody goons, no ice hocky
you niggas ain't be hot, your box slappy
hope you niggas sticky old pay,
copy, copy, copy.

Sound it's not over.
It is.
no it's not over.
It is
I'ts not what I paid you for. Listen.
I need you to continue to make music, I need you to do this whole song.
I don't want you to stop now, so next tape.
My song listen to you in this iPad, listen to you iPad
This eyes balls and I bought your record.
put in your skinny jeans...
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