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Lyrics to No Depression
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I feel it through my shoes
They used to call that the blues
Now they call it depression

Everywhere I go
Yes I get to feel so low
If I got depression

My wife don't want no part of me
And yes that fact is hard on me
That's true
I give the doctor a description
And he just writes a prescription
Or two

Peace and quiet were here before
But they both walked out the door
And left me with depression

I hardly leave my room
Most days I sleep 'till noon
If I got depression

Most folks think I'm fine
But the truth is I'm suprised
I've got depression

To all those girls I've loved before
I'm sorry I love this one more
That's true
If she would just stay with me
Her presence can only lift me
And get me through

I start to come around
And stop putting myself down
That's called progression
Songwriters: Alfie Salomon Jurvanen
Publisher: Lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing
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