Lyrics to No Consolation
No Consolation Video:
Salutations from a Southern town
I've got tales from the dark side, ?? down
And in the back of my head there's a three-act play
But I don't mind what the voices say

You were
You were
Everything you said you'd never be
I made good time
To a place all mine
I was lucky I remembered
But that's no consolation
It's no consolation

Now the earth is angry and the sky is blue
And there's so much more I wanna blame on you
Like how you can't go the distance in a foreign car
And what you wish will take you only so far

Don't speak freely
You might have to hear what you're saying
I can do my time in a place all mine
Where it's lovely to remember

But that's no consolation
It's no consolation
No consolation
It's no consolation
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