Lyrics to No Avail
No Avail Video:
Why do your cries seem to have an impact on me?
Why do your desperate pleas matter to me?

In the back of my mind
do I feel and define
that I'm wrong and you're right?
Do things change in this light-
up my life like you did in the past
Reject and refuse this dark overcast

Tell me what it feels like to be hurt and used
Forgotten and hateful, revengeful, confused
Left out for better, replaced and abused
Tell me what it feels like to be hurt and used

Let it all out while its fresh in your mind
Dream about ripping my flesh all the time
Slice up my throat with each tear that you cry
Torture me, Make me take back every lie

Break in my skull every night as you sleep
Reaping revenge from each day that you'd weep
Kick, shout, and scream at me just once more
Take out your aggression like you've never before

And when you're finally done
and there's nothing there left to hurt
nothing to hate, envy, or fear
Think about how much more you've hurt yourself
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