Lyrics to No, No, No
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You running out of luck, yea ya stars are not aligned
And now, played the last game with you for the last time
Threw the cards on the table can't take another round
Got these chicks callin me it's about to go down
You messy, I can't take a man who can't get his stuff together
Can't get his words together (you can go into whatever)
Keep my name out ya mouth, yeah the door has been closed
Every chick had yours, baby that's a no no

Gotta take it babe, you've been warned, so you know ya gotta go
To caught up in the wrong, oh no
Get ya bags and run, said ya messin with the wrong one
Take ya back and let it go, oh hell no

[Chorus: x2]
That's a no no, no talking to me, no more causing drama (no) no loving from me any time ya wanna (that's a no), No getting with me, no more causing drama (that's a no no, no, no no, no no no)

Did ya didn't think I'd find out, she was chilling at the house
Yea ya tried to clear it up, baby I don't give a what
Boy ya know ya free to go, changing what was wrong before
Thought it was about you, boy ya acting brand new
Save ya money, flowers and cards it ain't working out
Ain't no kisses for ya go (that's a no no)
You can have ya stuff back, you can have ya pictures of
But cha can't have my love, oh no no


[Chorus x2]

I thought about it I don't want it, I don't need it, naw
The games, the problems, the drama, yea they can have it all
So I don't know why y keep callin my phone, mightest well leave me alone, cause ya know I'm a say no
And quite frankly I'm sick and tired of your bull shh, my time is exclusive, ya lying is useless
A ha ha, and right now I'm on my new shh, I'm not on you shh, a no no


I can't take no more, no means no, I'm out the door, no~

No no no no, That's a no no...
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