Lyrics to Ninety Two Years
Ninety Two Years Video:
Ninety two years of progress is beginning to decry the toil
City in chaos, country apathetic and there's something wrong with the soil
Secondhand truth, people so aloof
Don't you see your senator crying
Helpless, selfless, living off the lifeless
Ain't no wonder that there's so much prying

Sillified scenes of mongoloid plans
Anything to make a buck
Riptide, sulphide, throw it in the river
And your water's going to turn to muck
Maximinity, inferiority, they always gonna go together
Hamlet is the loser and Apollo is the winner
'Cause they tell me that's the new frontier now

God is on the road, along with Mr. Toad
They're looking for another planet
Christ is on a cross, he suffered heavy loss
And we're worshipping a piece of granite
Buddha's sittin' still, high upon a hill
He couldn't care one way or the other
Allah's in the bath, he doesn't want to laugh
'Cause he's sick of tellin' us we're brothers

We go to grow
I say grow
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