Lyrics to Nika
Nika Video:
Boooom! Yeah Da World Mash Up! From Vicious To De Tune Ya Man People Holla
Gals Dem Bruckout And Shake Out When Dem Want Ya.

A One New Gal Vicous Fine Again Live Up The Street When A Go Right Round Da Bin, Nike Is Her Name Not Nacle I Woulda Marry The Girl If She Crippled In The Park We'da Ride A Bicycle And The We Go Gon Go Buy Icycle I Wonder Why My Parents Love Her Soooooo! I Want You Fe Know!

[Hook 1:]
Me Find Me Heart Beat Again Brand New Girl A What Ne Have Upon A She A Murda Dem. Me Find Me Heart Beat Again Brandnew Girl A Me A Have Upon Dem.
Verse 1 Vicious Call Out Soooo. Send Me And Flydown Da Gallie From The First Gal Dat Knock Me Up Shen She Did Left Me But Now Mw Find Nika And Nika Have Titty. I Love The Gal I Never Get To Baby. I Love The Gal Very Badly. Although The Girl She Tried To Play Me But If You Ever Leave Nike Me Go Crazy Oh God Nika Me Sure Love You Badly.

[Hook 2:]
Cuz When Me Enter Da Party I Kick Da Raggamuffin Flow I Make The Ladies Say Owwwwww! Brothers Say Hoooool! My Name Is Lil' Vicious And I Rip Up Ya Show Boooom!

[Hook 2]

Vicious Call Up Grown Let Me Call Nike On The Phone I Said To Nika Tonite Me Have A Show I Just Called To See If You Wan Go She Always Say Yes And She Neva Say No I Said I'll Pick You Up 8 Or Sp Me Pick Her Up 9 And Me Say Lets Go. Go A Da Show And Collect For Me Dough, After Da Show I Call Da Eyelet Me Now!!!

[Hook 2: x2]


[Hook 1]


[Hook 1]
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