Nihilistic Motivation Lyrics

I Am War

Outlive You All

Lyrics to Nihilistic Motivation
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Crushing the day, before it's chance to rise.
I'll eat your heart right out of your chest,
before it's good and ripe.

Driven thru pain. It's character building time,
do I pull back when it hurts,
or is the pain my chance to shine.

I know I have what it take, I always did.
I had to die before I could live.

Pushing myself, destroying walls I've built.
Smashing all in my way. Release all guilt.
Striving again, stretching my wings to fly.

From way up here the darkness is a spec in the morning light.
I'm not living in hell. It's living inside of me.

Just scream, and let it out,
Just scream, and let it out.
Trust me, I have no doubt,
Trust me, I have no doubt.
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