Lyrics to Nightshift
Nightshift Video:
(feat. Big Daddy Kane)

"You talkin just like a pimp!"

"You see pimpin's big business
and it's been goin on since the beginning of time.
And it's gonna continue STRAIGHT AHEAD
til somebody up there turns out the lights on this small planet."

[Positive K]
Allow me to propose a toast..

Allow me to propose a toast
from the Pos and not the ??
In this event I've come to swing
Bust a move, present a crown for the king
The true black mack with a knack to attract a stack
Girls attack, I spin dem out like crack
I say, "Cupid, draw back your bow, let your arrow flow
and yo.. hit the hoe!"
So let me work my maneuver
There's none smoother, so you know that I'ma soothe her
And uhh, when I start to shoot the gift
The next day, I got you workin on the nightshift

I got you workin on the nightshift
I got you workin on the nightshift

[Big Daddy Kane]
That's right Pos baby
You gotta school these young macks comin up today y'know
I mean to be 'frank', they just hot dogs
The girls are relish, and they need to ketch-up on they pimpin

[Positive K]
Positive! Oh yes, the fly pimp
I do my thing but I would never attempt
to brag or boast, to try to say that I'm the baddest
When it comes to this, [bitches] know my status
Ridin with Kane in a Mercedes
Flashin high-beams, amongst all the young ladies
They step up askin me to get in
But you know my motto: no skins, no Benz (heh)
I give the kiss of death, just like Blackula
Before you know it, I'm like a mack to her
One whiff of the gap shot swift
and quit your day job, cause now you're on the nightshift

I got you workin on the nightshift
I got you workin on the nightshift

[Big Daddy Kane]
Check it out, I go by the name of..
well for the time being let's just call me 50 Grand
because umm.. heheh
There's 50 states and I G'd in each one of them
Heh, kick it baby

[Positive K]
I'm what you'd call a smooth microphone controller
My lifestyle's like suave bola
Keep my hair in a cameo, gettin gas from Amoco
The only thing I'm sniffin is your girlfriend pantyhose
*inhales* *exhales* Another hit baby!
And if you find that kinky
put some barbeque sauce on the tip of my pinky
Watch me get freaky like a nymphomaniac
and exotic, an erotic tour with the mack
No I'm no one to be played with
(Kane: Auditions at 12 baby) for the nightshift

I got you workin on the nightshift
I got you workin on the nightshift

I got you workin on the nightshift

[Big Daddy Kane]
Man, you got to work your women by the scale
I mean if she's skinny, make her bring you home a good penny
And if she fat, make her pay like she weigh
Hmm, come again now

[Positive K]
I'ma quote an old song, that's if I might
What they used to say? "The Freaks Come Out at Night"
Yeah, believe it's true, in fact it's a reality
Some do it for the love and some do it for the salary
Women are true and women are deceiving
Women are also, ladies of the evening
Shakin them hips softly while she's steppin
The lovin ain't a tool, the lovin is a weapon
Time keeps tickin and the world keeps turnin
Thought I knew it all, but I'm still learnin
So fellas watch your ladies cause it's women I'm pursuin
Takin em away, no matter what you're doin
I don't play games, cause games are for fools
And when your girl picks me - you know the rules!
And when she disappears, don't even wonder if
cause I'm tellin you now - I got her on the nightshift!

I got her workin on the nightshift
I got em workin on the nightshift

I got em workin on the nightshift
Ah here we go
Uhh, yeah baby c'mon
Uhh, yeah, c'mon
Uhh, a yeah baby c'mon
Check it out
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