Lyrics to Night Charmers
Night Charmers Video:
Gather around me tonight we shall take hold of the night
Night charmers bring your chants up high

Darkness shall rise from our chants as did the serpent
The sky shall fall by the great scimitar of the moon
We cast this spell on earth for all not to see
All who dare oppose us shall taste our venom
We sacrifice their lives for our blood to stay warm
Torture is a small word for what we have endured

Light is in our hands: no one shall ever see the dawn again
Night charmers now our time begins

Daylight was nothing but a truce between two shadows
The blackness of our hearts now stands as the only god
Their nights have no more dreams: now welcome nightmares
It's a matter of life and death and we've spilled the first blood

We hold the night in the palm of our hands
There begins our journey to find the one

Sharp silence echoing to fade their fairs into black cold & dilated eyes
Lord let this shining theatre of theirs be ritually immaterialized
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