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(guitar solo) Say farewell and kiss the life goodbye It`s ended Cause no one here can tell, they let it pass them by The stolen tears they cry, they send it Every wakin` hour that keeps you away In some other place Every weepin` flower, to touch your face Makes you dream, of long forgotten songs From where you belong CHORUS: Night after night when your devils come closer Shadows appear on the run Well you hope & you pray you can`t wait `till it`s over Angels of mercy won`t come Things don`t change, but in some other life Well maybe It wouldn`t be so strange, to question what feels right There`s nothin` black or white It`s crazy When the heavens fall, the Father and Son And the Holy Ghost, yeah They`re up against the wall, they`ll cry the most You shoot them down, and treasure each new day Find no other way CHORUS No desert sun burns brighter No wind could blow as strong No chains will hold you tighter Or carry you along 2 X CHORUS (guitar solo)

Songwriters: RODGERS
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