Niggaz All Day Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 3 - Mixtape

Lyrics to Niggaz All Day
Niggaz All Day Video:
[feat. Papoose]

[Talking: Tony Yayo]
Don't get murdered on the humble
Weloome to the jungle nigga
New york city
It's the talk of new york Tony Yayo
I'm gettin back on the spazz shit

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
Niggaz all in my face asking me for some moneyy
When I say no, no, no no
They be like he acting funny
You wanna rain on my parade
But cloudy are turning sunny
You only heard in the hood, and that's not good
I'm heard across the country

Nigga land on the kelipad, rims on the new jag
Lil nigga stop you got holes in your doo-rag
I'm gettin brick money just to walk through the club
Why your face screwed up you tryna walk like a thug
I'm in that 530 I.x n.m wagon
Oral sex through my sweats now your b.m braggin
My a.n.t saggin they cost 230
When I ride through the p's the v is 230
My wrist is too clean, my hat to the side
My starp in my ride I don't swallow my pride
There's wolves in the jungle, there's sheep in the jungle
The price of a life is real cheap in the jungle


I got carpet on my floors, paintings on my walls
A living room mantlepiece full of awards
You on camera when you walking through my halls
You gotta puch in a code to open of my doors
Money from every country in my dresser drawer
I brought it back home off tour
You stay braggin bought having sex with a chick
But that's how you can tell he a snitch
He even tell on his dick
Quick to air out your whip, I blow out every tyre
Cut the cord of a snitch I'm clippin every wire
Bag a gun on my homie if I see he a liar
You my friend, since we friendly let's call it friendly fire

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