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Lyrics to Nigga's Like You
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When I swing through the Zoo I see niggas like you
Makin little locs, sell a little dope
The shit ain't cool, you broke the rules
Do your own dirt, put in your own work
What, what are you scared? 'fraid you'll get snared
Where was yo' ass when war was declared?
Sittin back relaxin givin orders like some captain
while I'm on the frontline, down for mine
Oh with no pass, ass good as grass
What I mean next you're seen you might be green
Send me on a mission too hot, get out the kitchen
blame this fire, can't get caught, I got pryors
Riskin my life for the turf or some stripes
and they don't give a fuck, so I don't give a fuck
I trust my own eyes, they tell no lies
Came down on your heads and mines, all the lost lives
L.A., P.D., can't let 'em see me
Cause they like to clown folks on the down-stroke
Forgot where you grew, and now he don't kick it with his crew
"Man I never thought I'd see is.."
how niggas like you, and niggas like you
and niggas like you, and niggas like you
and niggas like you, and niggas like you
and niggas like you better watch what you do

Niggas like you, niggas like you
Hit me up, tryin to make me erupt
Like a volcano, these same ol', same ol'
niggas that we used to chase I don't forget a face
Throwin up they sets with they thumbs and they index
Nigga please, you don't wanna fuck with these
Believe, me, fat meat is greasy
I got love for those that got love for me
I come in peace but the streets ain't peace
Niggas fresh out the pen plan on goin back again
with a dub on the hang, niggas on swoll
Damn, I hate to see 'em outta control
Insane no brain I don't need no gang
Show up at the party off that Bacardi
Talkin loud, long shit for miles
Pull out the M-1 and move the crowd
Niggas wanna set-trip it's time to start the checklist
Don't twitch and get smoked for that little-ass necklace
Don't look around and say, "Who me?" Yeah you
I wash my hands and I'm through
with niggas like you, and niggas like you
and niggas like you, and niggas like you
and niggas like you, and niggas like you
and niggas like you, and niggas like you, too

Next motherfucker got killed
Ran up in Capitol Hill but now he's only a Bill
Clinton, get bitten, you know damn well
the nigga got the chronic for sale
Smashin the whole damn block when the cocktails drop
Look I see smoke, let's roll loc
Dashin through the jungle like a, bat out of hell
Him and Dan Quayle, listen for the shells
A jungle sometimes, it's like a jungle sometimes
So if your ass is behind, stop and rewind
Findin it hard to say no to the big gold rope
Comin up fat you thought now trace him with the chalk
You slip, you trip, out for the count
Pronounced, pour out the 40 ounce brew
For you, your crew, cause, y'all must be knew
(to the L.A. Zoo) they say niggas like you
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