Lyrics to Niggas In Tha Game
Niggas In Tha Game Video:
(feat. Chris ward, Lil O, Skrilla, Trae, Jay'Ton, Lil B)

[gun shots]

S.L.A.B., Slow, Loud And Bangin'
Some real shit, ha-ha
You missed me, motherfucker
Many men (C. Ward), many many many many men
Wanna be like me, but they can't fuck with the M.O.B
It's C. W-A-R to the D

[Chris Ward]
It's hard to see, I'm hard to be
Hey you um fraud to me, and that's fraud as can be
And I don't care for no apology, fuck you and your bribery
You should of knew that from the get go, I'll set up a robbery
I'll have your home hit, leave your dome split
Leave your vest and chest a mess, once the 4-4 chrome spit
Niggaz beefing with me, like they got a bone to pick
Well holla at me I'll be in the hood, me and my Yellowstone click

[Lil' O]
My enemies can't even fathom, what I think in my mind
Cause if they saw what I saw, they would sleep with they nine
See Lil' O's like a gorilla, in the heat and combined
You disappear, just for speaking on mine it's not a game
So let's put it in the open, I'm addressing the issue
You cry babies, let me get you some tissue
I'm 30 seconds from getting the pistol hopping out, letting you grissle
I told you suckers that my weapon will whistle, for disrespecting a pitbull
But I'm so fly, I could piss on a missle
So if you plexing bitch make it official, I'll two way you right back
Like ha sucker, I'm coming to get you
And if they catch me nigga, fuck the judicial

As long as there's blood in my veins, and air in my lungs
I'ma be stuck in this game, and weighing a gun
I hold my head to the sky, as I blink at the clouds
Then hit the roof, and get to thinking out loud
What you know about choking on stones, or rubbing up zones
Or disconnecting dizzy broads, before for to your phone
On in the kitchen broad bitching, bout the odor is strong
You cook it slow and hit the do', before she notice you gone
I'm holding my own, it ain't nothing above me
Go toe to toe with a track, until my knuckles are bloody
It's a must I get ugly, if you mess with my nuts
Full speed when I bleed, mashing the pedal for thrust
Got my mind made up, to keep the crime rate up
Laws struggle steady hoping, that my rhymes pay up
As long as the water is hot, and the dishes are clean
My position's in the kitchen, dog I'm living my dream

Niggaz in the game, wanna act like we not a G
But I done told em, ain't no fucking with S.L.A.B
And if they do, they gon be next to be resting in peace
Cause ain't no way you haters, taking my life away
That's why we quick to click on niggaz, that's bumping with us
It's ride or die, and I'll be sure that you riding with us
Slow, Loud And Bangin' on them niggaz, we cock and we bust
And if they run up with that nothing, they fin to get rushed

These bitches gotta go, I ain't playing no games
This time around, put that on my life
take every single one of you, hoe ass niggaz out

These issues I'm living, got me losing focus but I keep my cool
Straight up I got my mind made up, I don't wanna be six feet laid up
But it seem to keep testing my patience, barely missing they death
And soon to be, they gon be touched and that be quiet as kept
My mind frame in another world, and it don't plan to come back
And the day it come back, my enemies fin to be under attack
This life I'm living ain't no joke, so I ain't fin to play no games
I got a perfect aim for these cats, so they can feel my pain
That's why I grind full time, one life to live to get mine
So I'm full speed to the job, until it's time to lay it down
And to them cats that sent a slug, right through the side of my car
It ain't over you got it coming in the war, I don't bar

These niggaz fake they act like cakes, just like some hoes
Their the type of niggaz, that don't really last that long
That's why my nine on my side, when I'm ready to ride
I walk around with my head high, with nothing but pride
Cause I'm a thug ass nigga, busting at snitch niggaz
I'ma be a grave digger, for niggaz hating my figgas
My enemies gotta go, they better duck when I'm coming
My mission is to eliminate haters, when I be rushing

[Lil B]
You niggaz can run but you can't hide, I'ma leave your chest open
Within fifty feet is my range, infrared beams scoping
Choking you haters, that's trying to hate on a G
Lil B I'm still that nigga, that'll rep S.L.A. to the B
Wanna plex then grab your gun, we known to keep a nigga on the run
Leave em stunned wet and done, just like a fresh hot cinna-bun
Say playboy these streets talk, don't make me have to come to your house
Break you off when the glock cough, Slow, Loud And Bangin' won't take a loss

Old hoe ass nigga, fuck around
And run up in your motherfucking house
And duct tape your spies nigga, put one
In your motherfucking brain
Talking down on the name, nigga

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