Lyrics to New Year`s Eve
New Year`s Eve Video:
On New Year`s Eve You put the old year to sleep And you make yor plans Vows you know you won`t keep And you stare out the window Into the cold deep snow It`s so damned cold out there Where did the summer go ? On New Year`s Eve Just a few years ago My Daddy died I still can`t believe it so Now I stare out the window And up to heaven`s door And I see my plans Can`t include him anymore Why on New Year`s Eve ? Why on any day ? Why that New Year`s Eve ? Why`d he go away ? (2X) Now on New Year`s Eve And any day foreseen I swear I`ll get more exercise And keep my nose clean And I`ll break some o`them promises And with a smile on my face I imagine that he`s watching From some place I imagine that he`s laughing From some place

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