Lyrics to New West
New West Video:
Have mercy on their children for they play with idle hands
Their laughter is their folly and their statues never stand

The values of a man can never change
He yields them when he speaks his lover's name

We took them from above, as bird with broken back
His scene was in the wind, his eggs had never hatched
How strange that she should know him, if only by a name
His scent was so peculiar, so fragile was his frame

He charmed them with the malice of a child
Whose dignity had since been running wild

He is the sunlight over you when crops are screaming rain
He is the willing servant of those in need of pain
A witness to the eyesight of the blind
He is a burning question in the mind
A whisper to a scream, as prelude to a dream
Remembrance to the lost, he's come to melt the frost
With hatred in his eyes, and a love that never dies
His beauty never fades, without it he decays

So pray the end comes quickly boy, and sturdy up that spine
Just know that he has reached you with every glass of wine

He sullies you with reason and he tempts you with his glance
And kisses you with crimson just to lead you by the hand
Just know that he is at your door tonight
Just know that he is at your heels tonight
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