Lyrics to New Wave
New Wave Video:
Putting al in your f*cking place
Don't ask me, well I'm f*cking late
Don't ask me if I f*cking ate
If I eat you all of my f*cking plate
Living life in that casket home,
Home I dress, but no action hore,
You just like to be nasty,
I've been given that glass pipe,
Smoking all of my cash shit,
I've been living that fast life,
Stop me in from just bragging,
I've been gone, drop the song to my conscious on
If you find your floor, find your furs in that ranchy hore,
Versace core with no kind of ..
Blowing to transactions, put me all in that ..
I've been given this passion,
but I'm so damaged that I can't manage
Don't speak don't shit, you can't handle the truth,
In a boof of Lord, you can't handle
And these niggas think I'm sucked and nigga ..
Move away I'm coming cool in,
New wave nigga, I'm coming for attention
Rock my ways through rap and go thing,
Now that face is uncle change,
Pirates vision and this is going pain
Try that different the truth is gonna hang,
Put it in the roof, I choose my own lane,
When it get me lose, they can't hang
Wanna getting lose, they lose, they can't hang,
New wave.
New wave
New wave new wave'

My time is coming,
You never know what my grind is something
Ground hard get the rhyming strong, grind alone
Forth bitches in the finest stones,
Four bitches and the cameras on,
Go bitches get the shining on,
Your bitches put the diamonds on,
New waves for the smash, grind alone,
Drown in my sorrows, long as I'm rash your call me Diablo,
Fins arise, lean lane niggas
Bless me to heavily God,
I'm on this path and I know I'm never the smart,
I know I'm gonna shine, but I know I never go far,
Hitter ain't the same forever and more, rap blown,
Show me them condoms, show me them boards,
Bring me them virgins, before I'ma say y'all
Sex in the air and miss this here,
Far from the windows kissed in he air,
Kiss the pearl, then twist the curl,
Hit the swerve and I disappear,
Life is blown so I practice more,
Shitting on niggas but the price is more
Two cay for a ' I'm tight and bored,
Never know for a virgins is whack it off,
I can't be wrong, I can't decide,
You rap motherf*ckers bettere rest decide,
It was calm, better rack inside,
Testify you better check your file,
New wave, new wave
Wave wave wave waving'

Ride on the bike in the cold storm
Bitches pull the tricks out the court room,
Door room .. let them hormones three so something .. is coming
Rap to the storm hoe, keep it coming
Keep it low but don't speak in common
Hold the blast we never hold the line,
Pick them hoes so the floor is mine,
Living that life or a dime bitch don't surprise me,
I hate surprises, play this with the ghost of mine
There's a new sound nigga better hope it's boundaries,
New rules and the cold surround me,
F*ck out nigga, I'm the coldest round him,
Feeling life with a dope around him,
F*ck out .. but we so beyond him
We scared, be scared
I'll ..that you can't control yeah
Police so deep but they can't control.
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