Lyrics to New Routine
New Routine Video:
New routine ...

Risin' early, sleepin' easy
I got myself a new routine
Time for talkin' and lazy walkin'
Rememberin' the things I've seen

New routine
I've got myself a new routine

If I keep smilin' it'll turn to laughin'
And day by day
Get better and better
Got a lady in this eye of mine
Gonna quit my dreaming
Go on out and get her

Sometimes people change their names
But stay the same inside
To me it's such a pointless exercise
Wouldn't it be better
If they changed their ways
And made a little sacrifice
They might become so much wiser
You never know, no you never know

Appreciation and dedication
Coming from my
Dim and distant past
But with patience
We might stay together
And find a love that just might last
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