Lyrics to New Order Of Intelligence
New Order Of Intelligence Video:
Machines target their creator for extinction
Gears of automated factories gyrate, synthetically manufacturing
A near indestructible mechanical infantry
Cybernetic organisms multiply in a single filed line
A sea of artificial intelligent exoskeletons
Hydraulic cylinders protract and retract as gears shift in unison
Producing gross amounts of bioplast sheeting,
Septum, and various metals
Creating an inerrant race of silicone and steel
With unerring precision
A mechanical juggernaut has taken the throne
Honing execution droids roam the radiation-forged wasteland
Drilling then deploying nanoparticals and
Gaseous death into the human dens
Potassium cyanide compounded with sulfuric acid
Seeps into living quarters
Droning hums overtake every audible wave of sound
A new order of intelligence has come to power
Eliminate the human race!
Terminate the human race!
Exterminate the human race!
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