Lyrics to New Last Name
New Last Name Video:
It's a glass with some chrome
Just some rocks and some crow
Just some rocks and a crutch reverb
It's a hi-hat, a click and the crush of the contact
Do you know your worth?
Just mud
Skips takes higher stakes
In order to perturb
And the clear is like a love intact
In all your dumb rhyming words

But who do you think's to blame?
I tried to change my Big Fag

You could paint yourself into a comfortable corner without trying
To be in love place from which to view the race
And call out all your lies
Look: see your shame, babe
Shake your beautiful frame, shake
For every hungry eye
Baby, look: what's-his-face or what's-his-fuck
They'll tell you that you're flying

But I got clouds to climb,
Yes, I'm that last pop to call
That who you thought you were
So c'mon let's get high

I tend to do with pain
Would you let me change your name?
Would you let me change your name?

It's a glass with a crack
And the fur from the trash
And the stink and the stain and the per
It's the wax with the scratch
That keeps hiccupping back:
Do you know, do you know your worth?

To be a diamond,
To be your own heart
To keep rolling tall the first
Your mystery keeps unraveling
You sit silent, undisturbed

Who do you think is strange?
Do you like to change your name?
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