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I don't figure this rap shit out
I map shit out strategically
Timing is everything and it seems to be the key
Let 'em diss you first
And respond immediatly
In order to master the art of war
Don't start a war
Shit not no more
We done scared 'em off there are no more
Victims are sick
I'm fixing to pick some to start shit
Ain't got no pictures to rip
And shit to throw darts at
Ain't got no more targets
Shit Irv and Jeff
We done beat 'em to death
Benzino in debt
There just seems to just be no one left to bully
Bush is pussy
Why the fuck you think his names Bush?
Puss is bushy
Ain't shit goin on
Shit I've been getting so bored lately
I'm thinkin' of doin some shit to get you to go and hate me again
Tell the truth I like the shit better than
Shit I could spit better
I'm 'bout to kick that sick shit again
Look.. the game just ain't the same
It changes
Shit Dre's quittin'
Jay's quittin'
Now it's just wanksta
Just saying the same shit
It's fake and its ancient
It's making me so bored I'mma just make a new language
Fubba you cubba cubba
Ubba you ubba ooba
You can sus susa my
Bib dick tooa tooba
Some of the humane kinda' Llama[?]
I'm not a human I'm a suicidal
You think I'mma do Osama
Presidama - do Madona
Jeffry on the leven with his legacy to carry on
A lotta' talk of rumors on us who's the hottest to be honest
Hip hop just ain't been the same
Since Tupac moved to Cuba on us
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