Lyrics to Nevers
Nevers Video:
There's a town I know called Nevers,
no Nevers
never wasn't was what it weren't

when it wasn't once. Knew Nevers?
Knew Nevers?
Nothing never I'll ever learnt.

There's a village I visit, that's Vaguely;
Sorta Vaguely.
vaguely yes I seem to recall.

though it's unclear clearly- vaguely?
Very vaguely.
can't say it's been there once and for all.

I put back on my overshoes
and got in my Renault.
The trips reset so I'm unsure
how far it is to go:-
But then it hits me (slap)-
I've left it off my map!

There's a city I saw signed Something-
must be something.
something never quite so defined,

so much so how somewhere something
(though some sing)
so to speak's the uncertain kind.

In an index looked up Where-it-was,
exactly where it was,
just in fact to make sure I can't

set a course straight through to where it ain't
and where it ain't
ain't gotten to except at a slant.

I put on my new black boots
and pack up my Citroen.
And out of town it huffs and puffs;
I set off there alone.-
And then it hits me (slap)-
I've left it off my map.

There's a place I passed called once upon a time-
tiny once upon a time-
never wasn't weren't what it was.

Set the clock back twice or once upon a time
in once upon a time-
never knew when it wasn't there because
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