Lyrics to Never The Least
Never The Least Video:
I already done heard enough of that faggot shit
Celph Titled comes through with matches lit
Causing gases ashes to form where your casket sit
I'm passionate smacking bitches on blind dates
An angry rap critic on top of that irate
At my estate we got room with medieval tombs
dead people and priceless spoons that scrap brain on plates for Montezum
And I assume I'm about ten yards from you camp grounds
with kerosene filled to the brim of my canteens spilling on ant mounds
I play Cee-Lo with-out the dice and roll niggas head instead
'Cause I'm charitable and generous to give out the led
You shook bitches know I carry M72 L.A.W.s
with 66 millimeter rockets cruising above you
What? Your mother said she never love you? Well she told me
'cause I'm that nigga to hold heat and make slugs outta your gold teeth
A sick muthah fuckah puttin' six muthah fuckin' slugs
in six muthah fuckin' arteries ain't mutha fuckah hard as me

[Sample: x2]
Every now and then a suckah MC gets courageous
Every-Every now and then a suckah MC get's courageous
Every now and then a suckah MC get's courageous
Never-Never the Least they all R.I.P.
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