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I played out this scene before too many times. I walked across the crowded room and looked him in the eye. He looked up to me and said would i lie to you but he didn't know what I know, what I'm going to do. So go to hell now, 'cause I don't care for you. I don't need you, you're a stone in my shoe. You think i'm stupid, well i've got news for you. I ain't no cupid, and so I say to you Never mind my never neve rlove Never mind my never never love I say never mind my never never love Never mind my never never love How you gonna change the habit of a lifetime overnight. You think you're so immortal, so eternal, out of sight. The questions I am gonna ask aren't the ones you wanna hear. Alone inside your narrow mind, now lets get one thing clear unlike Sinatra you ain't under my skin. What can I tell ya, don't know where to begin. Can't find you heart now, but who's lookin' anyway. Hasta Luego, adios I'm on my way.

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